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Monday, September 08, 2003

Carnel 23 Released

From the release page:

This issue is completely devoted to my latest FRP campaign setting "Mursuiva: The land of the floating island". Mursuiva is a setting strongly influenced by Arabian and Indian stories and rich in magic and high adventure. The first third of the zine is all "in-character" while the middle third is a crash course on the setting for GMs and players a like while the remaining third is given over to an example setting and scenario outline.

CARNEL Website
More details on Carnel #23

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UK Fanzines at Dragonmeet 2003

The editors of The Black Seal, Carnel and Warpstone will again be hosting a tale at Dragonmeet 2003. In addition to selling issues of their publications, they are hoping to promote the essential role that fanzines pay. Other fanzines editors are welcome to join them at Dragonmeet. Whether this is by selling their own zine, or leaving leaflets on the table. They should get in touch with me directly. The following will be available on the day:

The Black Seal - The Magazine of Modern Horror Gaming
Issue 2 will be available to buy, and the forthcoming issue 3 can be previewed at DM and pre-orders for issue 3 placed.


Various Tim Eccles' fanzines (Lac Ta, Origin of Tree Worship & Private War Campaign)

Warpstone - The WFRP Magazine
WS are hoping to launch issue 21 at DM.

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