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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Dragonmeet 2003 Update - The Whisperer joins in

Our second CoC zine has joined in the zine effort at Dragonmeet, Mike Mason's zine The Whisperer will be at the convention.

Between The Whisperer and The Black Seal Cthulhu fans are going to be spoiled for choice!

posted by Robert  # 8:20 PM

Fluxus Collection One Published

The first volume of the Fluxus Collection collects together a variety of articles, thoughts and comments from Paul Mason's Fluxus zine. Fluxus appears in the monthly APA zine Alarums and Excursions and continues the wit, erudition and insight of Paul's earlier (and more famous) Imazine but combines it with Paul's love of typography and graphic design.

The first Fluxus Collection is a fascinating and beautiful zine and a joy to read. Find out more at the Fluxus mini-site on the Metazine website.

posted by Robert  # 8:17 PM


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