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Thursday, December 02, 2004


TimConIII has been proposed for April 2005 (most probably on the Easter Bank Holiday). Tim Eccles will have flyers at Dragonmeet 2004.

posted by Robert  # 1:16 PM

New CARNEL issues

New issues of carnel are going to be available at Dragonmeet 2004. Issue 28 and issue 29, 28 is dedicated to the WFRP setting of Lustria while 29 is a setting for the World of Darkness set in rural Britain and drawing some inspiration from the Call of Cthulhu setting "Goatswood and other less pleasant places". Hopefully the result will be interesting to players of both games as well as horror gamers in general.

Full details (including cover scans) are available on the carnel webpage as normal. UK subscribers should already have their copies of the issues, international subs as depending on the international post service.

posted by Robert  # 1:12 PM

Fanzine Table at Dragonmeet 2005

John Foody has just posted an advert for the zines table at Dragonmeet 2004 on uk.games.roleplay.

The final list of participants on the table are:

posted by Robert  # 1:09 PM


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